My film and Television Work

As of this writing, I have a television pilot in the HBO system (look for news early next year!) and two feature scripts moving slowly through the Hollywood pipelines from Development Hell to Development Purgatory. I’ll have some news that I can announce soon. Please let me know if you’d like to me notified or follow me on the Twitter!

I can’t really share anything now, alas. Well, maybe a little. The show bible proposal for my television series Challengers is a little over 50 pages, but just to give you a little taste, here is a 2-page Adobe Acrobat teaser that you can click to download:

Challengers 2-page Synopsis

I also wrote this spec episode for the series Monk. It actually got a little traction, but sadly, I wrote it a little too late in the show’s run. No matter. It was only meant to be a portfolio sample. If you’re a fan of the show, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Now, I’m working on screen treatments for my novels, Blackthorne Faire and The Widening Gyre.

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