Welcome to Blackthorne Faire!

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, a place of wild music and unbridled, boisterous dance! Of theatre and pageantry! Of turkey legs and drinking bouts! Of deadly duels and rapier-fast quips! Of whispered rumors of unexplained disappearances. Of mystery, intrigue, and murder.

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, a modern Renaissance Festival where nothing is what it seems. It is a place where a lost tune rediscovered in the Hidden Book of Secret Knowledge stirs long forgotten magic ... Where never-before-seen Tarot Cards foretell unexpected futures that always, always come true ... And where true love is found and lost and lost again in the shadow of a coming war.

Beware, mortal, oh, beware the sounds that echo over the hills, across the bluffs, and through the winding pathways, for no one can hear the horns of Elfland and remain unchanged.

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In Blackthorne Faire, a romantic and sensual contemporary fantasy adventure, Brian Johnson, a lawyer fighting depression, meets his true love, Erin Winter, at an Atlanta Renaissance Festival. He is there on business to contact the mysterious owners of the fair as a part of a real estate deal.

Meanwhile, Jessica Holtzman, a young actress playing the fair’s fortuneteller, finds never-before-seen Tarot cards in her deck, and learns that the fortunes she tells come true. When a man is found murdered, Brian discovers that his client has mob connections.

Erin finds a forgotten tune in an old volume called The Hidden Book of Secret Knowledge, a tune that holds the key to lost magic. In the shadow of growing mystery, Brian courts his ladylove, only to lose her to the Perilous Realm. For at Blackthorne Faire, a war is brewing between the mob and the courts of Faerie. With the help of his friends, Brian manages to rescue Erin, but then he himself is lost in the seductive perilous realm. Now, Erin must attempt a rescue of her own. At Blackthorne Faire, nothing is what it seems. Not even love.

Blackthorne Faire blends elements of Celtic myth and faerie lore with all the costumes, theatre, drinking, music, romance, and boisterous fun of a contemporary Renaissance Festival. You'll find young love, lost tunes, a mysterious Tarot deck that doesn't behave as it should, the courts of Faerie, lawyers, and even a few mobsters. This book is (very loosely) connected my other novel, The Widening Gyre.

This story was inspired by The Georgia Renaissance Festival and two poems by William Bulter Yeats: The Stolen Child and The Host of the Air.

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