Blackthorne Faire: A Faerie Tale

A mythic fantasy novel set at a contemporary Renaissance festival, in which a lawyer meets his true love—only to lose her as war brews between mortal criminals and the courts of Faerie. At Blackthorne Faire, nothing is what it seems. Not even love. Read more.

The Widening Gyre

It is the hour of our greatest need. In humanity’s darkest hour, King Arthur, Queen Gwenhwyfar, Morgan le Fay, and the Knights of the Round Table have returned. But shadows of the past may destroy them before the last desperate battle even begins. Read more.

Raven Wakes the World: Tales for the Winter Holiday

Four very different tales to cozy up with for the winter holiday season: a modern myth come to life, a ghost story, a screwball comedy, and a deadly puzzle surrounding an ancient mystery that dates back to the very first Christmas. Read more.

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