Meet My Friends

Well, some of them, anyway. The ones with Web sites. Starting with
Carol Bales, who is my best friend ... and my beloved wife.

Some of my friends,
John Bridges, Bill Bridges, and Andrew Greenberg, are the "brains" behind Holistic Design, a game company. Check them out. It's cool, and a great way to explore mythopoeia, or personal mythmaking and storytelling, through play. Speaking of Master John Bridges, be sure to take a look at his artwork. Speaking of art, check out my pal and neighbor, Mike Mikula.

Treska Cole is amazing, and runs this cool LARP game. Lee Verner has great taste in books. He's also a kind, smart man and a good friend. Jennifer Carlile, an old and dear friend, keeps this blog on sustainability issues. Don’t mis it.. My writer pal Angela Still has a lovely site well worth a visit.

Andrew Golaszewski has just revamped his site. Also check out my pal David Demumbrum, all-star user experience lead.

My old pal Jim Threlkeld wrote this article about Cumbria, a fascinating Celtic area of northwest England. Another college pal, Steven Scheer, is building this favorite motorcycle journey scrapbook and journal site. My pal Mark Sandlin created this site for his Lego hobby/obsession.

My pal Jim Wentzel wrote this book about the Beatles for kids. My high school pal DeeJay Jensen keeps this blog, a fascinating look at early childhood education.

Jolie Simmons has a portfolio and Live Journal online. Lady Sid "Bubba" Taylor has this Live Journal. My pal Stephannie Tallent keeps this blog.

My writing chum James Lock blogs
here. Speaking of writers, try Leona Wisoker and Zachary Steele. My Lord of the Rings Online buddy Lee King has written a really fun book and keeps a blog. My screenwriting pal Keith Dussell can be found here.

Richard Repp is a good friend and an excellent musician. My friend Bill Shaouy is in a band called Desmond Drive. They are fantastic. Speaking of musicians, I was a fan of Michaela Foster Marsh long before she became a friend.

My pal and one-time co-worker Brandon Haun has an online art portfolio. Check it out; it won the best of show award at his art school. Dave Allbritton is another former co-worker with a terrific portfilio. Pete Lawton also does great work. And he's a good guy, too. Moritz Bosselmann is online, too, with a nifty site.

My chum Allen Pittman offers this site for practitioners of various forms of martial arts, namely the Chinese Internal Arts of Ba Gua Zhang and Hsing I Quan, as well as herbal medicine, yoga, dance, music and other traditional arts.

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